N° 198 I must apologise, I do apologise !

Nowadays, in the french university, in the European Union, (and probably soon in the ICEO association), all important things must be written in English. What I want to say is very important to me, that’s why, to be perfectly understood,  I want to express myself in this foreign language.

1990 – 2014

As General Secretary of the ICEO association during thirty years, I tried to do my best to actually implement, with the help of al the goodwilled people available, in France and in the CEEC (PECO in French),  all the projects that our Institut conceived. Looking back at all what we did all together, we can be very proud of ourselves. In 2014, some months before the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ICEO creation, we established the recension list of all the cooperation actions that we achieved. I invite, all friends who participated in the implementation of these cooperative activities, to take the time to consult this list. They will surely be happy to find again the memory of what they did. Reading the number of the cooperation programs and projects they have been involved in, most of the oldest ICEO members will certainly be pleasantly surprised.
Most of ICEO’s archive files are stored in Montbazin at our treasurer’s home. There, still remain around 150 files.


1990 – 1996 – 2020

In October 1996, at a meeting of the Association’s Board, a discussion took place on the sharing of responsibilities and the work of the main managers. One of the participants asked the General Secretary to make an inventory of all the tasks to be accomplished for the smooth running of the Institute.

The inventory was drawn up, but the great sharing never took place.

In these directories there is all the memory of the work of the general secretariat



Since the end of January, I am no longer Secretary General of ICEO. The person who has shown good willing to take my place has been a member of the Association since 1998.

From the first day after joining us, he became one of the most involved members in ICEO’s activities. He thus knew perfectly well, by accepting the charge, what amount of work it means. In fact, he knew this so well, that before saying yes, he made me promise to keep on sharing the job with him, just as before.                                                                                                                                   –

This is what I tried to do as best as I could.

This means that, although I am no longer General Secretary, I continue my numerous and febrile activities. Far too many, and far too feverish, says my wife.

I know that this makes me nervous, always in a hurry, and, more often than I would like, sometimes unpleasant with my interlocutors, who do not measure, for most of them, or more exactly who don’t want to know, the amount of things I have to do per day, to make ICEO live. But I know too that most of the things that I will not do, won’t ever be done.

 The previous and the new Secretary General advancing side by side, their gaze fixed on the same objective

I was recently informed in a friendly way that I had deeply hurt, by my unwelcome remarks, the susceptibility of one of our oldest members, one of those who have brought so much to ICEO, especially in terms of public relations.

I can be criticized for offensive words, but no one can accuse me of having shown ingratitude.

Because of the responsibilities I have had, I know better than anyone else, what ICEO owes to each of the members of the Institut, and what it owes to all our very ancient and loyal correspondents outside France.

It is therefore without reluctance that I wish to pray to those whom my words may have hurt to accept my apologies.

I hope that this article will help those who have felt offended to finally understand why I, too, may have felt aggressed.

Tiredness and stress do not excuse anything, but they explain everything.


This article gives me the opportunity to give, once again, a huge thankyou to all ICEO’s correspondents, loyal friends, without whom, the Institute for Cooperation with Eastern Europe would not be.

To conclude this letter of apology, let me remind of one of the glorious pages of ICEO.                                                                                                         –

Every one of us will recognize his ideas !


[Le 16 avril 2020, 13 H10, J-M. R., Alet-les-Bains] :  Thanks for apologizing for some hectic reactions in your behaviour due to your task overloading. Thanks for apologizing. Thanks also for the positive words addressed to that too obliging guy  who accepted your succession.  (full e-mail).

[Le 14 avril 2020, 5 H15, N. S., Beaune : Quand on entre dans la démarche de l’échange avec celui que l’on ne connaît pas, il y a toujours un retour positif. On ne perd pas son temps à être bienveillant.
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